what makes us the best?

Bill Gregory started a tradition in the mid-1940’s – one that goes beyond providing outstanding Electrical Service – that lives on today. It’s about experience, trust, and doing “What it Takes” to get the job done right. Bill’s Electric, Inc. has deep roots in Southwest Missouri, with decades of outstanding service to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers throughout the Four State area. Roy Wilson purchased the business in 1958, in which he incorporated in 1962. Dale Wilson joined his father in business in 1971. Bill’s Electric, Inc. (known as BEI) is the successor to Bill’s Electric, a highly reputable, long-established electrical business. Dale acquired BEI in 1985 from his father, and under the original owner’s name has greatly enhanced the company’s revenues since then. Dale’s strong, principled, professional foundation has evolved over time into a peerless electrical practice with an unmatched reputation. BEI is now an ESOP Corporation recognized as a leader in the field, averaging approximately 500 employees over four locations. BEI’s position and strength enables the company to provide additional value to our clients, the community, and opportunities for our employees.

What Can BEI do for you?